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Black Gold Cigar Band Inspired Ring Clear Stones Black Gold Cigar Band Inspired Ring Clear Stones

Black Gold Cigar Band Inspired Ring Clear Stones


This ring is part of our high fashion, new generation collection from Metal and Stone. Modern, sleek and unpretentious, this ring is the perfect accessory. It has four points, north, south, east and west that contain round, clear cubic zirconia stones to accentuate the black epoxy against the gold metal. Inspired by cigar rings, this ring will compliment your favorite...

Men's Silver Encrusted Ring Men's Silver Encrusted Ring

Men's Silver Encrusted Ring


This high quality grade ring with micropave prong set, is truly a sight for sore eyes. Also white gold with the silver crystals encrusted at the top and sides...definitely sure to make the man in your life very happy!

Men's Silver Studded Ring Men's Silver Studded Ring

Men's Silver Studded Ring


If you want a ring that can make your man feel special, this is the way to go. Silver all around and crystals adorning the top will be the first thing he sees when he puts it on. This is for the king who surely is a fan of diamonds in general 

Men Stainless Steel Onyx Ring


Here's another one for the men. It comes in an circular band with onyx stone accents all around. This is definitely high polished with the highest grade possible with absolutely no plating involved. An eye catcher indeed!

Men Stainless Diamond Ring


Women are not the only ones who wanna shine bright like a diamond lol, there are men out here who wanna feel important and why shouldn't they? This type of ring is sure to make any man feel worthy. It is a high polished diamond ring (not plated at all) with accents pleasing to the eye.

Men Stainless Crystal Ring


Yes, we do have the delightfully common rings plated in clear crystals in comparison to the more expensive diamond rings.  For the detailed diamond accents all over this ring, you are getting a great deal. It has everything to offer if you're not a fan of pricey items.