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Men's Watches


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Men's Raceway - Official Gemz Men's Raceway - Official Gemz

Men's Raceway


This one is definitely a manly watch with the basic black and red numbers on the face dial. Just perfect for the man who really doesn't need extra.

Men's Ultimate - Official Gemz Men's Ultimate - Official Gemz

Men's Ultimate


Here we have another stylish watch for the men from the brand of Jivago...comes in black and red and in the form of a wristwatch. 

Men's Clarity Watch


All I can say is wow.. this watch is classic simplicity. With a silver colored dial and a two toned colored band, its sure to lighten any man's mood.

Men's Timeless Watch


It looks exactly what is says.... simply timeless. Classic leather band material in the basic colors of black and brown is for the regular hard working man without the flashiness. This style will NEVER get old.

Men's Driver Watch


This watch is exquisite in every way. It is a quartz setting with silicone features. It has a gold outline with the main color of white all around it. A very handsome watch fit for a king.

Men's Gliese Watch


And another one for the men. It is in a stainless steel swiss quartz setting with a brown leather band and a grey colored dial. This watch with its infinite details is definitely one for the leather lovers.

Men's Ultimate Watch


A watch can't get any simpler than it already is. With a classic Swiss Parts quartz as well as matching case and band covered in black stainless steel, it doesn't get any better than that.